Pettingill Counseling Services is Idaho’s first and finest provider of individual and family counseling services.

Our counselors can assist individuals in reducing stress associated with any personal, family or relationship issue. If you currently have a negative pattern, relationship, behavior, or issue that you or a loved one would like to change call for a confidential appointment with one of our counselors.  

Clinical studies have shown that when we release the emotions associate with the negative patterns, then change can begin. Our counselors use research based therapeutic practices. Individuals report feeling more positive less self-defeating behaviors allowing permanent change.  

By participating in regular counseling, individuals report an increase in self-worth and a significant decrease in negative thoughts, behaviors, and emotions which have provided excellent results in teens, adults, and children age 5 and older. 

If you are in search of a Healthcare professional to assist and support you or your family struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, relationships, addictions and more - Pettingill Counseling Services, PC is the choice for you. 

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Pettingill Counseling Services, PC was founded in 2003 
For Psychotherapy, we offer individual therapy, family therapy